What Your Sushi Order Says About You

I had to share! This is funny! Although I do not like unagi and I am one of those possibilities

Thought Catalog


California Roll
“I either have no money or I’m 15 years old…does this come with miso soup?”


“15 Sake Bombs, Please!”
“I consider myself the life of the party. I arranged this social gathering and we’re here to get fucked up and slam our fists on the table all night long. Let’s keep ‘em coming, k?”


“I like the taste of chicken covered in teriyaki sauce, but I’m slightly edgier than that. It’s also very possible that I’m Filipino or African-American.”

California Roll (Deep fried plus spicy mayo and unagi sauce)
“I’m starving. And poor. But I keep it classy by going for “sushi”.”

Bento Box
“I like options. I generally prefer my food cooked. I kind of miss the days of having my lunch served on a tray. Ahh, #nostalgia.”


Chicken/Beef/Salmon Teriyaki
“I’m really hungry and I feel that cooked meat will fill me…

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